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About us

Tech experts in custom software development and direct digital solutions

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Our story

We are tech experts in digital transformation, machine intelligence, and business processes focused on providing sustainable product development.

ProductDock is a custom software development company that develops bespoke software products and direct digital solutions by using a product-centered method to support your journey efficiently. Our team uses an innovative, proven methodology by evolving ideas, turning them into tangible visual results, leading to successful deliveries. We guarantee the quality, effectiveness, and quick time to deliver; advanced software solutions meeting your needs; long-term relationships.

We have what is needed, the right team with experts in modern technologies and tools, experience from countless successful projects with prominent companies, the capacity to deliver advanced and smart solutions.

We do not focus on specific industries, as our methods are based on a business case, and thus applicable regardless of the industry affiliation.

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Our mission

Our mission is to deliver an impactful custom-developed software solution that will satisfy your customers' need for simplicity.

This defines the way we do things, how we develop products, how we approach tasks. It speaks to the impact we would like to make.

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Putting products in ProductDock

Why did we call ourselves ProductDock?

Are we building Furniture? Clothing?

No. We solve your business challenges and needs with tailored digital products. Your typical IT organization is split into building IT (development projects) and running IT (operations).

The benefit of such an organization is only achievable if you solve similar problems over and over with the same platform, and changes to such platforms occur in large increments every other year.

We believe in Products. One permanent team designs, builds, runs, and improves an IT solution for its customer. The team works longer, owns the problem, and excels with its experience.

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What does this mean for you?

The fact that you engage directly with long-term teams, leads to so many happy surprises. You no longer need to guess future requirements for future software, together we will solve your current problems today and will solve future problems tomorrow – we will still be at your side.

As our teams own the entire development process, there is no need to break anything down into tiny work parcels, which are processed by anonymous workers. This mosaic of parcels, makes it impossible to share the same big picture: what brings value? Instead of thinking about capabilities and work efforts, let’s focus on flow.

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The shorter the turn-around time from imagining a feature and experiencing it in reality, the more creative we can become in improving your product, the more fun we will have working together, the more outcome will be achieved.

We do not believe in taking orders and building to external specifications. The process path is too long and too much information is lost. Instead, we want to focus on understanding your problem and your business case. We want to own the problem and make your customers happy – and not just check all the boxes for the day.

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We will take the first step in your direction and not bother you with IT development processes, architecture discussions, and the likes – we will take care of this and do not require you to speak IT, instead let us speak your language.

As much as everybody would like this in the business world: humans are no resources, problems are not identical. No matter how monotonous we make the work or how structured we make the processes: every problem, every human is unique, every optimal solution is unique.

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Every “processed” solution will always be sub-optimal, as it needs to cluster resources and problems, and will ignore any local deviation, skip every local possible optimization. By tearing down these assumptions, we can share ownership across the team, we can adapt to your problems, and you to adapt to our people.

This approach will receive fewer checkmarks from committees rating you and us against the long lists of industry and corporate requirements. We only want one checkmark: you trust us that we can solve your pains today and that we won’t leave until it’s done.

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12 +

years of experience in digital transformation, machine intelligence, and business processes with a focus on sustainable product development.

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locations across Europe

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100 +

technology experts skilled in product design and development of pioneering, modern, state-of-the-art technologies and tools.

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codecentric AG is a German technology leader in software development, enabling its customers to develop deep technical solutions and pioneering top-notch technologies and tools.
They enabled us to gain new perspectives and provide us with new creative space to develop customized software solutions internationally.

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