We fight for simplicity!

All successful teams have a set of rules to follow, and so do we. ProductDock’s code helps us keep moving forward to where we want to be and guides us on the journey to our goal. Our mission and values shape the way we approach each aspect of our work and define the impact we wish to make in the lives of our customers and employees.

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Our mission

Our mission is simple, to deliver more simplicity in solving our customers’ digital challenges and needs with direct and tangible solutions. Moreover, we envision creating an environment that empowers and encourages our employees to grow and achieve their maximum professional potential.

Our values

Our compass of values ensures that we are the same company that stands for the same things and guides us on our journey.

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We are trustworthy

ProductDock is a team that highly values mutual trust, understanding, and partnership. That’s why we strive to build the same relationship with our customers. We see ourselves as:

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Opened to listening and understanding diverse standpoints. Caring about others' accomplishments.

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Opened to communicate honestly and respectfully.

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Focused on building long-lasting relationships.

We are efficient

Our self-organizing approach always leads to the best solution for all. We are:


Enthusiastic and persistent to find the best solution.


Focused on issues that affect our customers, not on the things that don't.


Dedicated to finding customized solutions for our customer’s needs.

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We are competent

Striving that tomorrow we become better than we are today. That’s why everyone at ProductDock is eager to learn new things and tread new paths. We see ourselves as focused on:

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Continuous improvement

Continued learning mindset, creating and implementing the best practices.

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Diversity and inclusiveness

Embracing different approaches and authenticity.

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Seeking out knowledge, trying new things and ways, testing, iterating, learning.

We are inventive

Our team is led by a passion for exploring new opportunities and encouraging others to do so. ProductDock is founded on a belief that a customer’s success is our success and vice versa. We see ourselves as focused on:


Improving from learnings and experience.


Self-confident, competent, believing in ourselves and acting on it.


Threading new paths, leading, experimenting, failing, supporting each other.

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“Are you determined to work on yourself and improve each day? Is your only competition yourself? Are you asking your team members for the ways that can help you improve?
Our goal is to nurture that kind of environment. Our goal is to enable each member of our crew to grow and reach their full potential.
If you share our values and our goals, we are more than thrilled to meet you!”

Ozren Gulan, Chief Operating Officer

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