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Netokracija Interview with Igor Rajnjak

BY Nataša Dakić 08/24/2021

We are sharing the entire interview with our Agile Coach, Igor Rajnjak, originally published by Netokracija:

ProductDock is organizing a ‘PD Talk‘ – an online event where the lecturer will be Teresa Torres, author of ‘Continuous discovery habits’ and a world-renowned consultant for companies and startups.

To find out more about the event itself, who it is intended for, and what attendees can expect, we spoke with Igor Rajnjak, Agile Coach at ProductDock. He revealed to us that this company is preparing a free online event and a conversation with Teresa Torres at the end of August about her long-awaited and highly praised book entitled Continuous Discovery Habits: Discover Products that Create Customer Value and Business Value (2021).

As Igor revealed to us, the book was published only a few months ago and is dedicated to product management, i.e., the product discovery phase. “Immediately after its publication, this work received a great response and was ranked alongside Marty Cagan’s books as one of three books that everyone involved in product development must-read,” says Igor and adds:

“Our goal was to present such quality content to the public in Serbia and the region as soon as possible, and that was as early as possible on August 30th (Monday) at 6 pm, when this event will take place. The event itself will be held online, through the Linkedin event platform, in English and is intended for anyone interested in product development, and especially for the latest approaches to product discovery.”

Find out what new changes are in the field of product development

When asked by Netokracija why it is important for ProductDock to organize events of this type, Igor points out that we can often hear that we are lagging behind the world. According to him, this is true (sometimes even good) on certain issues, but it is incorrect on others, and with today’s digital world, we can choose whether our delay will be a reality or not. Rajnjak explains, among other things:

“The great advantage is that things like this are much easier for us and I think that we should use such opportunities as much as possible and bring and share valuable knowledge in the community and beyond to keep up with the latest practices and knowledge.

An additional is also that this event has not yet been held in various foreign countries, so we can expect certain guests from abroad at the event, which can easily change the fact from being “late” to “leading”.”

Moreover, the company’s goal is to share as much new knowledge as possible through the mentioned event and to interest people in new changes and trends in the field of product development. Moreover, the program consists of two parts and is planned to last an hour, and Igor says that the first part of about 40 minutes will be reserved for a conversation with Teresa to better present and bring her work closer to the audience.

On the other hand, Rajnjak says that to better shape this part, it will be of great importance for them to get answers to the question: What is the last challenge in product development that you have encountered? You can send answers and comments via the link. When it comes to the second part of the event, it will last about 20 minutes and then Teresa will answer the audience’s questions that will be gathered during the first part and the second part.

Applications are already open, secure your place on time!

What is also important to note is that due to technical possibilities, this event will be limited to 300 people and will be held through the Linkedin event platform, but, says Igor, he and his team will do their best so that no one interested is left out of the event. Speaking of LinkedIn, it should be added that the upcoming event will be organized in cooperation with the Serbian Product community. It is about this cooperation that Igor revealed more details to us:

“This cooperation helps us a lot and even served as inspiration and the initial trigger for the event itself because it means a lot to have people who are interested in the same topics, who are willing to come and who are also active for years and constantly share their knowledge, especially throughout the Covid period when many communities fell silent, and they worked vigilantly. Many thanks to the entire Serbian Product Community, and especially to Ana Pegan, with whom we planned the whole event and who helps us a lot with the organization.”

Finally, talking about the next plans when it comes to Product Talk, Igor says that ProductDock deals with the entire cycle of product development and their long-term goal is to share knowledge, bring people who are leading thinkers and practitioners and create synergies with other people and communities involved in product development.

“This is our first PD Talk this year, but if you are interested in more, follow us on our social networks and channels, as it is possible that we will have more collaborations and surprises in the near future. Until then, apply via the link for an online conversation with Teresa Torres, and see you on August 30th (Monday) at 6 pm”, concluded Igor at the end.

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