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We are growing and challenging projects are knocking on our door. Would you like to be there when pioneering software emerges from great ideas?

Join our crew!

Are you driven by the desire for innovation and progress? Open-minded, talented, and passionate in the work you do? Love the work you do and wish to spread the love?
So are we!
We are empowering others to tread new paths, to lead and experiment, to fail as well as to succeed.

Join the team that believes you to make the right decision and enables you to grow both professionally and personally.

Code we live, working style, and benefits are designed to help you grow.

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“The main reason I like to work here is the people. They are all ambitious, curious, they are proactive and what’s most important – they love to share knowledge. That is what inspires me to give my maximum effort.”

Jovanka Bobić, Product Owner

“I love our company culture – flexibility, amazing working atmosphere, diversity, and knowledge-sharing. That’s something special and unique. What’s also impressive, is that ProductDock has a big trust in their people.”

Vuk Banjanin, Team Lead

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