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ProductDock27. Mar 2023

Logout Days: Bringing IT community together

Speakers: Jovana Romčević Šukalo, Anja Šolak, Milan Vučenović...

Are you ready to take a break from your desk and connect with like-minded professionals in a serene setting away from the hustle and bustle of the city?
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ProductDock 21. Jun 2022

Logout Days: A weekend retreat for IT professionals

Speakers: Bruno Raljić, Nemanja Vasiljević, Milica Živkov

ProductDock is launching a new event style, Logout Days, a weekend retreat for IT professionals. Join us for a weekend of hands-on workshops, networking, healthy food, relaxing outdoor activities, and well-being advice in Serbia’s famed countryside. Join other professionals from the IT community who are similarly looking for a tech detox.
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Igor Rajnjak

ProductDock 28. Mar 2022

Unveiling Roadmaps 3.0

Speakers: Igor Rajnjak

Roadmaps enable the product teams to plot the course for the upcoming releases, create transparency for teams, and emphasize product vision and purpose to all stakeholders involved.
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Events year end conference

ProductDock 16. Mar 2022

ProductDock’s year-end conference

Speakers: Jovica Zorić, Nemanja Vasić and Siniša Tutuš

The end of the year is the perfect time for a retrospective, so we had our second online internal conference on the 14th of December.
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Jovana & Anja

ProductDock 10. Dec 2021

Two people – one mind: UX & Product Owner collaboration

Speakers: Anja Šolak & Jovana Romčević Šukalo

How does the cooperation between a product owner and a UX designer contribute to the quality of the product development process?
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Aleksandar & Boris

ProductDock 10. Dec 2021

Clean architecture principles – Meetup

Speakers: Boris Janjanin, Aleksandar Malešević

The history of software development knows the different architectures of code organization that have emerged as dominant. Depending on the context in which they are used, we can identify the advantages and disadvantages of each. Choosing the right software architecture for the right use case is extremely important if we want a quality product that’s easy to maintain and suitable for changes or upgrades.
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Teresa Torres

ProductDock 10. Dec 2021

PD Talk with Teresa Torres on ‘Continuous Discovery Habits’

Speakers: Teresa Torres

We are privileged to host Teresa Torres, an internationally acclaimed author, speaker, and coach. She will present her latest book, Continuous Discovery Habits, the product trio’s guide to a structured and sustainable approach to continuous discovery.
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