Collaboration models.

Explore collaboration models customized to your specific needs.

Complete nearshoring teams

Leverage the full, high-quality development capabilities. Our English-speaking team works closely with your business or product owner(s), ensuring a seamless communication flow.

Experience the most effective path to optimize costs and enhance your software development for cutting-edge products.

Productdock collaboration models complete nearshoring teams

Local heroes from partners with the nearshoring team

We supplement our nearshoring teams with local professionals fluent in your native language, facilitating seamless collaboration.

Maintain the benefits of nearshoring while accommodating individuals less comfortable with English, providing your team with effective communication and diverse language capabilities.

Productdock collaboration models local heroes from partners with nearshoring team

Mixed tech teams with partners

Introducing our local native heroes, a mixed tech team of local and remote professionals dedicated to advancing your digital product.

Experience the optimal blend of quality and affordability, making it the ideal choice for confidently scaling your project.

Productdock collaboration models mixed tech teams with partners

Our partner network.

We take pride in partnering with progressive and forward-thinking businesses from Germany to empower customers to access and thrive in the digital realm.

As an expert in custom software development, codecentric AG is a leader in agile software development and innovative technologies in Germany.
codecentric combines the know-how of the best IT architects and software developers in the country with practical knowledge from numerous projects in areas such as Continuous Delivery, Big Data, IoT, performance solutions, agile and enterprise software development, and maintains partnerships with leading solutions partners.

UX&I is a consultancy for user experience, UI design and UI engineering and is considered one of the best-known UX companies in Germany.
UX&i supports employees, teams and organizations in exploiting the full potential for user-centered, innovative product development and achieving better customer feedback, faster results and more sustainable collaboration. They offer a broad range of services, including UX Compass, UX Enablement, and UX Excellence.

Tomorrow Bird is a strategy consultancy for digital transformation and innovation development at the heart of German medium-sized businesses.
Tomorrow Bird helps their clients understand and implement their digital possibilities and opportunities. Their holistic transformation approach allows clients to move into the future economically sustainably. Their wide range of services includes Organizational Development and Innovation Development.

cc cloud is a wholly owned subsidiary of codecentric AG that provides managed services, cloud operations, and cloud operations consulting.
cc cloud combines code-centric infrastructure and DevOps expertise for cloud-based applications and platforms. Their service portfolio includes Infrastructure and DevOps know-how for cloud-based applications and platforms, Kubernetes as a Service and Gitlab as a Service on IONOS cloud.

Elevated nearshore


Expert development team.

A highly skilled team embracing agility and a test-driven approach.


Streamlined development.

Accelerated processes through a lean organizational structure.


Cloud-ready solutions.

Leveraging industry best practices and cutting-edge cloud tools.


Continuous improvement.

Feedback-driven development with continuous delivery and testing.


Tailored customer solutions.

A perfect match through ongoing feature assessment and local native product owner proxies.


Comprehensive solutions.

Expanded capabilities through seamless integration with our partners’ service portfolio.
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Our work.

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