Way of working.

Our way of working supports your digital product journey. Focused on design and development, we are flexible collaborators. Through close collaboration with your business, we create customized solutions aligned with your specific requirements, resulting in sustainable outcomes.

Elevating design and development with user-centric precision

While design and development form our core strengths, we’re adaptable collaborators. Engaging closely with your business, we develop products in response to user feedback and market trends and tailor our approach, seamlessly integrating additional steps based on the depth of our involvement and your unique requirements.

Your digital product journey.

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    Our initial focus is exploring and understanding your unique requirements and potential business opportunities. We conduct research, identify your target audience, and carefully analyze any challenges or gaps your product has the potential to address.

  2. 02


    In this phase, we clearly outline your product’s vision and goals. We design a feature set that is responsive to ongoing feedback and the evolving needs of your customers. The result is an outcome-driven roadmap with user stories to align the team with the mission.

  3. 03


    Now, we enter the design phase, where we conceptualize and plan your product’s features and user experience. Our team will develop user interfaces, create conceptual designs, and shape the overall user interaction while keeping the user and stakeholders in the loop.

  4. 04


    With the foundation set, it’s time to bring your product to life. Based on the evolving requirements and design, we implement features, engage in iterative coding, conduct various tests, and adapt based on early feedback.

  5. 05


    Upon reaching this stage, our focus shifts to the launch of your product. We ensure a smooth operation, monitoring performance closely, providing ongoing support, and adjusting strategies based on initial user feedback and the defined product metrics.

  6. 06


    Beyond the launch, we commit to sustaining and optimizing your product’s lifecycle. We monitor KPIs to avoid missing a product pivot if needed. Our ongoing efforts include regular maintenance, addressing issues or bugs, implementing updates or enhancements, and managing the overall system health.

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Our work.

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Reviews 4.6

  • 4.5

    “The ProductDock AG team is always very helpful and engaged.”

    Ingo Bartel

    Director of Technology, Adevinta


  • 4.0

    “The outcomes and quality of the work of the ProductDock teams were on par with those of our internal teams.”

    Peter Laufer

    Director of Engineering, Adevinta


  • 5.0

    “We are happy with ProductDock’s services.”

    Maria Strömsdörfer

    Product Owner, Automotive Company


  • 4.5

    “We’ve continuously been developing the product based on customer feedback.”

    Dennis Liemann

    Partner, BMS Consulting GmbH


  • 5.0

    “They understand the difference between product and project developers, helping us a lot right from the start.”

    Andreas Engels

    Managing Director for IT & Product, Kerberos


  • 4.5

    “They do a good job, and I’m satisfied with their work.”

    Digital Product Manager, Kamax


  • 4.5

    “I was amazed at their agile mindset, company culture, and motivated and experienced team.”

    Dr. Nino Raddao

    Equity Partner, IT Consulting Company


  • 5.0

    “The project management style is lean and flexible.”

    MuleSoft C4E Lead, Fashion Retail Company