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Life at ProductDock

Welcome aboard!

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Let us introduce ourselves

ProductDock is a technology house headquartered in Berlin with engineering hubs in Novi Sad, Banja Luka, Doboj, and Lisbon. We are tech experts in digital transformation, machine intelligence, and business processes, and we love to work on challenging projects in different fields. We’re pursuing a product-centric business model to develop complete and custom software solutions.

We are a crew of rational creative dreamers with more than a hundred experts who think, always curious to learn new things, and keen to tread new paths.

Our team is led by passion and dedication, with a high degree of efficacy that is rooted in our self-organizing culture. We love exploring new opportunities and encouraging others to do so.

The desire for innovation and progress drives our processes, but we are aware that this is not possible without continuous learning, new knowledge, and courage.

Everyone at ProductDock is driven by the belief in success and that improvement comes through the lessons we learn along the way.

This is exactly what we are, brave and willing to sacrifice for the sake of fulfilling our dreams that are never selfish.

life at productdock

Our Code

All successful teams have a set of rules to follow, and so do we. Our code helps us keep moving forward to where we want to be and guides us on the journey to our goal. Our mission and values shape the way we approach each aspect of our work and define the impact we wish to make in the lives of our customers and employees.

Our mission is simple, to deliver more simplicity in solving our customers’ digital challenges and needs with direct and tangible solutions and to create an environment that empowering and encouraging our employees to grow and achieve their maximum professional potential.

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What is it like to work with us?


One team one dream

We strive to make you feel good at the place where you spend the most time during the day. At ProductDock anyone can ask for help at any time and initiate talks regarding any concerns.

Team buildings we organize create stronger bonds, improve communication and encourage collaboration. It’s also an opportunity to get creative, uncover hidden talents, and boost your energy.


Supporting work environment

Whenever you want to use your inspiration to work hard, or you need a break, at our great offices you have everything you need: from the hardware of our choice to single booths, an in-house kitchen with fruits, coffee, tea, and juices, and gaming zone.

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Flexible weekdays

It means that even though you’re required to complete your tasks and have an 8-hour workday, the organization of your time is up to you. Like to work from home? That’s ok, we have a policy of one day of home office per week. During this global pandemic we are fully remote and, given our recent learnings about remote work, considering even more home office days in the future. Need to pop out to take care of something personal? No worries, we trust you to make up the difference. Work life balance is important to us, and it is taken into account for every decision we make.


Code you can care about

Software is everywhere. Digitalization penetrates across industries. We’re working on a variety of projects, bringing to life tailor-made digital products, from ideation to production, or we’re helping clients take their existing projects to another level. There is no rush to churn out code here, we care about the quality and value we deliver


Team autonomy

Team autonomy plays a major role for us. Since you know yourself, you are the best manager of your time and have the freedom to do your best work while working as a cohesive team to deliver advanced software solutions.


Constant learning and knowledge sharing

We invest a lot of our working hours in future training. At ProductDock, we want to get to know new tools and technologies. Whether training, conferences, exchanges with colleagues, or your great projects – we are up to almost everything.

We collaborate and share learnings with our colleagues, customers and partner companies, and the community. As a division of codecentric family, we have a network of 500+ X-functional experts.


Community engagement

We are passionate about learning and sharing experiences. ProductDock team is an active member of the community, participating in various activities such as networking, lectures, workshops, hackathons, or publications. By passing our knowledge, we improve professionally and personally and become better at developing more powerful software.


“When few of my friends encouraged me to apply for a position in ProductDock, they were telling me about the great company culture and atmosphere and I said to myself: why not? And they were not wrong – it was the best onboarding experience of my entire career thanks to our Unit Leads Bruno and Miroslav, and especially thanks to Corina, member of our Germany-based team. The three of them made sure that I was not thrown into the deep end, and that my integration was easy going but also very systematic. I guess that’s what happens when you combine German thoroughness with the Balkan soul. I also remember how supportive my team was because no matter how many times I have asked them the same question, they would always answer with the same patience and grace.”

Anja Šolak, Product Owner

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“The main reason I like to work here is the people. They are all ambitious, curious, they are proactive and what’s most important – they love to share knowledge. That is what inspires me to give my maximum effort.”

Jovanka Bobić, Product Owner

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“I love our company culture – flexibility, amazing working atmosphere, diversity, and knowledge-sharing. That’s something special and unique. What’s also impressive, is that ProductDock has a big trust in their people.”

Vuk Banjanin, Team Lead

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“One of the best things about working in ProductDock is the freedom that the project teams have when it comes to the technologies used, sharing of ideas and finding innovative ways to solve client’s problems. Still, this all happens under the clear guidelines about project goals, client’s and end users’ preferences and Agile principles. Something else that makes the team super productive is open communication about challenges as well as the curiosity that makes the team eager to learn and apply new things, which is great for the project but also for team members’ professional growth.”

Dragan Jakovljević, Software Engineer

life at product dock

“What initially attracted me to ProductDock was the cutting-edge technology that the company is using. However, when I started working here (original, repetition: in the company), I realized that there is so much more here for software engineers who want to learn and develop in a productive and amicable environment, with great colleagues and transparent communication culture. Having the chance to talk to people who have a lot to share in terms of knowledge and experience, independent and autonomous project teams, and the smooth cooperation between teams are the greatest benefits of working at ProductDock.”

Nemanja Zigić, Team Lead

productdock, team member nemanja

“It’s never boring in ProductDock: daily, we discover, discuss, refine and implement new product features that draw dealers and buyers to the platform we are developing. I think that ProductDock is a perfect place for all Java Backend people, such as myself, who are fed up with boring projects and want to expand their tech stack, like flexible working hours, team autonomy, and knowledge sharing. The freedom that we have when it comes to the choice of technology and problem-solving is proof that ‘autonomous project teams’ is not just a phrase, but something deeply embedded into the methodology and culture of ProductDock.”

Bojan Ristić, Java Software Engineer

productdock, team member bojan

“We have the privilege of working with the world-known clients from all around the globe, and that’s very important for the people who want to brush up their skills as Developers, UX Designers, Product Owners, etc., while working alongside senior colleagues in independent and autonomous teams. Our project teams are mixed (seniority-wise) to facilitate our team members’ learning process through mentoring, coaching, and training, and so far, this model has worked very well for us.”

Boris Janjanin, Technical Team Lead

productdock, team member boris

“What helped me the most to be successful as a developer is my motivation and willingness to learn, dedication, and quite a lot of persistence. But most importantly, I think that each person in this line of business, especially a rookie, needs to have mentors by their side. I was really lucky in that regard, as I had and still have very committed colleagues who are ready to help with advice or valuable insight whenever there’s a need. This was crucial for my career path in ProductDock.”

Tamara Janković, Software Engineer

productdock, team member tamara

“It’s essential to pay attention and invest into shaping and maintaining the internal company culture. In the case of ProductDock, this reflects primarily in the amount of autonomy that each of us has, which is great from the point of view of freedom and flexibility but also implies lots of responsibility. At ProductDock, team autonomy and autonomy that each of us has, plays an important role. That is great as we have freedom and flexibility but also implies a lot of responsibility.”

Staša Međedović, Senior Java Engineer

productdock, team member stasa

“I was pleasantly surprised by the fact that Rookie BootCamp is not just a PR thing but an actual and efficient simulation of working on a real project for an actual client.
It was great to be a part of this program. Not only that, I became part of a team after the internship ended. ProductDock is encouraging, supportive and above all – a professional working environment, with plenty of opportunities to learn and grow.”

Emir Delić, From Rookie to Crew Member

productdock, team member emir

“The Fail Fast Approach that we strive for in ProductDock is the foundation of every successful team and company. It allows team members to see the goal clearly and feel a collective responsibility for achieving that goal. It also facilitates transparent communication and direct feedback culture. Still, most importantly – it creates a safe working environment where there are no stupid questions, and team members are encouraged to take risks to bring the team closer to its goal(s). There is no judgment, no pointing fingers, and it makes a great material for retrospective discussions because it allows the team to openly discuss what worked and what didn’t work, from which the entire team can learn.”

Mladen Marinković, Unit Lead – What is #FailFastCulture?

productdock, team member mladen