Life at ProductDock.

We foster a culture where collaboration, continuous learning, and knowledge-sharing thrive – together, we shape innovation and success.

Welcome to ProductDock.

Autonomy, recognition, well-being, knowledge sharing, and a fail-fast approach are integral aspects of our culture, not just words – they extend beyond customer interactions.

Productdock life at productdock

We treat every employee fairly, from hiring and promotions to training, compensation, and benefits. Our goal is to build a diverse and inclusive team that reflects various backgrounds, perspectives, and talents.

What it’s like to work with us.

Explore the advantages of being part of the ProductDock family with this glimpse into what it’s like to work with us.

Productdock life at productdock youll enjoy improvement time

Improvement time

We prioritize continuous learning and knowledge sharing within our team, dedicating specific days to education and improvement. Through structured initiatives during this designated time, we strive to enhance individual skills, foster teamwork, and contribute to the overall success of our company.

Productdock life at productdock youll enjoy educational budget

Flexible working hours

We recognize the importance of work-life balance, allowing flexible scheduling within an 8-hour workday. In response to insights gained from recent events, our current policy embraces hybrid work arrangements as part of our commitment to adapting and enhancing the overall work experience.

Productdock life at productdock youll enjoy profit sharing

Profit share

Embracing a shared success philosophy, we distribute company profits biannually to recognize and appreciate everyone’s contributions to our business success. Our profit-sharing program reflects a culture that values and rewards the collective achievements of the team.

Productdock life at productdock youll enjoy educational budget

Educational budget

Continuous learning is integral to progress, and our education budget empowers us to attend conferences, enroll in online courses, and participate in soft skills training, facilitating opportunities for professional development. With this resource, we have the flexibility to invest in activities essential for our improvement and growth.

Productdock life at productdock youll enjoy private health insurance

Private health insurance

We focus on our team members’ well-being by offering thorough private health insurance, as we understand the crucial role health plays in all aspects of life. Our commitment goes beyond standard benefits because a healthy workforce creates a thriving and productive workplace.

Productdock life at productdock youll enjoy 27 vacation days

27 vacation days

Recognizing the significance of taking a break to unwind and engage in meaningful activities such as spending time with family or pursuing hobbies, our employees enjoy a generous allotment of 27 vacation days annually to support their work-life balance.

Discover our
office space.

Our office space boasts a modern and collaborative design, fostering a dynamic work environment that encourages creativity and innovation. With ample natural light, ergonomic furniture, and state-of-the-art technology, our office provides a comfortable and productive setting for our team to thrive.

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Our culture.

Our culture embraces autonomy, recognition, well-being, knowledge sharing, and a fail-fast approach. Welcoming change and actively seeking new opportunities, we foster openness, collaboration, trustworthiness, and respect.

Our mission is to empower everyone to access and thrive in the digital realm.

Our values.

Our values ensure we stand for the same principles and guide us on our journey.

Productdock life at productdock our values image


We value mutual trust, understanding, and partnership. Honest communication is the key to creating a positive, productive relationship.
Cooperation and caring are essential to us because we believe in building the same kind of relationship with our customers that we have with each other.


We’re all about efficiency. We work hard to ensure our approach always leads to the best solution.
We are passionate about finding the best solution for our customers’ businesses. We believe in lean product development. We focus on issues that affect our customers, not on the things that don’t. We are dedicated to finding customized solutions for our customers’ needs.
Productdock life at productdock our values image


We are a team of passionate people who are always eager to learn new things and try new paths. We never stop pushing ourselves to the limit and finding the right solution for every problem.
We believe continuous improvement is the key to success, and we can create and implement best practices by adopting a continuous learning mindset. We value everyone’s contributions, regardless of their background.


We love exploring new opportunities and encourage others to do so. Driven by the belief in success, we know that improvement comes through the lessons we learn.
We believe in the power of exploration, taking risks, making mistakes, learning from failure, and then doing something new! When we do things that are hard for us, it makes us stronger. When we push past our fears, it makes us braver. And when we’re brave enough to try something new and fail at first, it makes us more determined than ever!
Productdock why nearshoring


We are dedicated to ensuring financial security, health & safety, wellness, career development, and engagement & satisfaction of our employees.


Connect, collaborate, and expand insights through engaging knowledge-sharing events.

What our
crew says.

  • What is Fail Fast Culture? – Safe working environment

    “The Fail Fast Approach that we strive for in ProductDock is the foundation of every successful team and company. It allows team members to see the goal clearly and feel a collective responsibility for achieving that goal. It also facilitates transparent communication and direct feedback culture.

    Still, most importantly – it creates a safe working environment where there are no stupid questions, and team members are encouraged to take risks to bring the team closer to its goal(s). There is no judgment, no pointing fingers, and it makes a great material for retrospective discussions because it allows the team to openly discuss what worked and what didn’t work, from which the entire team can learn.”

    Mladen Marinković

    Unit Lead

  • The great company culture and atmosphere

    “When a few of my friends encouraged me to apply for a position in ProductDock, they told me about the great company culture and atmosphere, and I told myself: why not? And they were not wrong – it was the best onboarding experience of my entire career thanks to our Unit Leads Bruno and Miroslav, and especially thanks to Corina, our CPO.

    The three of them ensured that I was not thrown into the deep end and that my integration was easygoing but also very systematic. I guess that happens when you combine German thoroughness with the Balkan soul. I also remember how supportive my team was because no matter how often I asked them the same question, they always answered with the same patience and grace.”

    Anja Šolak

    Product Owner

  • They love to share knowledge

    “The main reason I like to work here is the people. They are all ambitious, curious, they are proactive and what’s most important – they love to share knowledge. That is what inspires me to give my maximum effort.”

    Jovanka Bobić

    Product Owner

  • ProductDock has a big trust in their people

    “I love our company culture – flexibility, amazing working atmosphere, diversity, and knowledge-sharing. That’s something special and unique. What’s also impressive is that ProductDock has a big trust in their people.”

    Vuk Banjanin

    Team Lead

  • It’s never boring at ProductDock

    “It’s never boring in ProductDock: daily, we discover, discuss, refine and implement new product features that draw dealers and buyers to the platform we are developing. I think that ProductDock is a perfect place for all Java Backend people, such as myself, who are fed up with boring projects and want to expand their tech stack, like flexible working hours, team autonomy, and knowledge sharing.

    The freedom that we have when it comes to the choice of technology and problem-solving is proof that ‘autonomous project teams’ is not just a phrase, but something deeply embedded into the methodology and culture of ProductDock.”

    Bojan Ristić

    Java Software Engineer

  • Committed colleagues who are ready to help

    “What helped me the most to be successful as a developer is my motivation and willingness to learn, dedication, and quite a lot of persistence. But most importantly, I think that each person in this line of business, especially a rookie, needs to have mentors by their side.

    I was really lucky in that regard, as I had and still have very committed colleagues who are ready to help with advice or valuable insight whenever there’s a need. This was crucial for my career path in ProductDock.”

    Tamara Bavrk

    Software Engineer

  • Plenty of opportunities to learn and grow

    “I was pleasantly surprised by the fact that Rookie BootCamp is not just a PR thing but an actual and efficient simulation of working on a real project for an actual client. It was great to be a part of this program. Not only that, I became part of a team after the internship ended.

    ProductDock is encouraging, supportive and above all – a professional working environment, with plenty of opportunities to learn and grow.”

    Emir Delić

    Software Developer

  • Inspiring and supportive culture

    “Demanding projects and marvelous ProductDock crew are my biggest inspirations. The creative process in the company is a synergy of ideas and knowledge sharing among team members, as well as their readiness to bring those ideas to life in the form of final products.”

    Jovana Romčević Šukalo

    Product Designer

  • ProductDock is the company you can trust

    “The company cares about our improvement by providing a clear roadmap for the improvement of every individual.

    The work atmosphere is excellent, and ProductDock is the company you can trust.“

    Milan Janković

    Software Developer

  • Excellent interpersonal relations and a great atmosphere

    “We have great interpersonal relations at ProductDock, an excellent team atmosphere, a knowledge-sharing culture, and support for self-improvement.

    I’ve been in the company for almost eight years, so I see my team more as friends than colleagues and superiors.”

    Goran Milovanović

    Software Developer