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Let us introduce ourselves

We are a technology house headquartered in Berlin, Germany, with engineering hubs in Novi Sad, Banja Luka, Doboj, and Lisbon.

We believe the workplace should be comfortable and enjoyable. That’s why we value teamwork, creativity, and a positive attitude. A diverse, creative team makes all the difference, so we foster an environment where we can learn from each other, share ideas and get to know one another.

Our teams are autonomous. We believe that each person is best suited to manage his or her time and work on his or her strengths. This allows us to work together as a cohesive team to deliver high-quality solutions.

We’re working on various projects, bringing tailor-made digital products to life, from ideation to production, or we’re helping customers take their existing projects to another level. There is no rush to churn out code here; we care about the quality and value we deliver.

Our full-time team is growing and has over 125 incredibly talented engineers, UX/UI designers, and Product managers, experts in modern technologies and tools with experience from countless successful projects with prominent companies.

As we grow and expand our tech stack and product capabilities, we prioritize collaborating and sharing learnings with our colleagues, customers, partner companies, and the community.

We strive to share that knowledge with the community by hosting various events, attending conferences, and publishing our findings. This helps us grow.

Here's a glimpse of what it's like to work with us

Flexible working hours

Having a flexible schedule is crucial to maintaining a healthy work-life balance, so we have flexible weekdays. Even though we are required to complete our tasks and have an 8-hour workday, the organization of our time is up to us.

We have a policy of one home office day per week. In the midst of current events, we are fully remote and, given our recent learnings about remote work, considering even more home office days in the future.

Improvement time

We are dedicated to learning and sharing what we know with others.

We have dedicated days for education, research, and improvement.

Improvement time lets us improve ourselves, our colleagues, and the company through guided initiatives that contribute to our goal of high-performing teams.

Education budget

Progress goes hand in hand with continuous learning. Thanks to the education budget we have at our disposal, we can attend conferences, take online courses or soft skills pieces of training, or do anything else necessary for our improvement.


Our company’s wins are our wins, so it is only natural to share the profits of our company. We create a culture where everyone feels appreciated for their contribution in the success of the business. Profit-sharing takes place twice a year, based on company earnings.

Private health insurance

Our health is essential in life. All ProductDock team members get access to private health insurance.

27 vacation days

We know how important it is to get away from work and relax by doing important things, like spending time with family or pursuing hobbies. That’s why we get 27 vacation days each year.

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As we grow and transform, we stick to our mission and values. We welcome change and seek out new opportunities. We're open, collaborative, trustworthy, and respectful. We rely on diversity, innovation, and ingenuity.

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Join the crew of enthusiastic experts that value teamwork, creativity and a positive attitude. We foster an environment where we share our knowledge and bring ideas to life together, giving you the opportunity to grow your career in the way you’ve imagined.

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What our crew says

The great company culture and atmosphere

“When a few of my friends encouraged me to apply for a position in ProductDock, they told me about the great company culture and atmosphere, and I told myself: why not? And they were not wrong – it was the best onboarding experience of my entire career thanks to our Unit Leads Bruno and Miroslav, and especially thanks to Corina, our CPO. The three of them ensured that I was not thrown into the deep end and that my integration was easygoing but also very systematic. I guess that happens when you combine German thoroughness with the Balkan soul. I also remember how supportive my team was because no matter how often I asked them the same question, they always answered with the same patience and grace.”

They love to share knowledge

“The main reason I like to work here is the people. They are all ambitious, curious, they are proactive and what’s most important – they love to share knowledge. That is what inspires me to give my maximum effort.”

ProductDock has a big trust in their people

“I love our company culture – flexibility, amazing working atmosphere, diversity, and knowledge-sharing. That’s something special and unique. What’s also impressive, is that ProductDock has a big trust in their people.”

It’s never boring at ProductDock

“It’s never boring in ProductDock: daily, we discover, discuss, refine and implement new product features that draw dealers and buyers to the platform we are developing. I think that ProductDock is a perfect place for all Java Backend people, such as myself, who are fed up with boring projects and want to expand their tech stack, like flexible working hours, team autonomy, and knowledge sharing. The freedom that we have when it comes to the choice of technology and problem-solving is proof that ‘autonomous project teams’ is not just a phrase, but something deeply embedded into the methodology and culture of ProductDock.”

Committed colleagues who are ready to help

“What helped me the most to be successful as a developer is my motivation and willingness to learn, dedication, and quite a lot of persistence. But most importantly, I think that each person in this line of business, especially a rookie, needs to have mentors by their side. I was really lucky in that regard, as I had and still have very committed colleagues who are ready to help with advice or valuable insight whenever there’s a need. This was crucial for my career path in ProductDock.”

Plenty of opportunities to learn and grow

“I was pleasantly surprised by the fact that Rookie BootCamp is not just a PR thing but an actual and efficient simulation of working on a real project for an actual client. It was great to be a part of this program. Not only that, I became part of a team after the internship ended. ProductDock is encouraging, supportive and above all – a professional working environment, with plenty of opportunities to learn and grow.”

What is #FailFastCulture? - Safe working environment

“The Fail Fast Approach that we strive for in ProductDock is the foundation of every successful team and company. It allows team members to see the goal clearly and feel a collective responsibility for achieving that goal. It also facilitates transparent communication and direct feedback culture. Still, most importantly – it creates a safe working environment where there are no stupid questions, and team members are encouraged to take risks to bring the team closer to its goal(s). There is no judgment, no pointing fingers, and it makes a great material for retrospective discussions because it allows the team to openly discuss what worked and what didn’t work, from which the entire team can learn.”

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