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ProductDock’s career reflections

ProductDock23. Feb 2024

Celebrating a decade or more of dedication, ProductDock honors team members for their dedication and commitment to our values and goals through the “ProductDock’s career reflections” interview series.
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Year-end conference highlights

ProductDock26. Jan 2024

Our crew has turned December’s final week into an annual celebration of knowledge and unity. Banja Luka and Doboj teams gathered for a day of diverse talks at the Year-end conference.
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ProductDock AG secures B Corp™ Certified

ProductDock19. Dec 2023

B Corp™ certification has been secured by codecentric AG and ProductDock AG, marking them as part of a global community of businesses that meet high social and environmental impact standards. This achievement reflects our companies’ dedication to incorporating social and environmental responsibility into their business operations.
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Clutch Champion & Global Leader Awards

ProductDock06. Dec 2023

We are happy to announce that our company has been recognized with two awards in 2023 – Clutch Champion and Global Leader!
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The most-reviewed IT company in Portugal by Manifest

ProductDock12. Oct 2023

There are many companies and businesses that have built robust IT systems and infrastructure to help with their processes, services, and more. To help develop and maintain these, they often partner with a reliable IT partner such as ProductDock to help with their IT needs. Choosing the right agency for your business is crucial to ensure you get the help and support you deserve.
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The most-reviewed B2B leader 2023 in Serbia by Manifest

ProductDock18. Sep 2023

We’re celebrating a special honor that our clients helped us unlock. ProductDock was officially named one of the most reviewed and recommended B2B companies by Manifest. According to their latest report, our team is among Serbia’s reliable partners for mobile app, software, and web development needs this 2023!
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Stefan Riedel, the newly appointed Deputy Chairman

ProductDock24. Mar 2023

We are happy to announce that ProductDock’s supervisory board is richer for a new member. Stefan Riedel, welcome! We are so glad to have you on board!
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Explore Blitz.js developments

ProductDock20. Jan 2023

One of our most successful blog posts in 2022 was Blitz.js: A new full stack React framework on the horizon, written by Dragan Jakovljevic. We published it on our website one year ago today, so we decided to ask Dragan about his impressions and opinion about Blitz.js now that the year has passed.
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Interview: Rookie Boot Camp Internship

ProductDock19. Jan 2023

Rookie Boot Camp is an internship program developed by ProductDock back in 2019. In our previous blog post, we chatted with our Novi Sad rookies. This time, we sat down and had a talk with Jovana Mitrović and Ljubiša Djurdjić, our two rookies from the Doboj office, who also did their internship last year.
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