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Berlin (HQ)

Our Headquarters are located in the German capital and one of the fastest-growing tech cities in Europe – Berlin. The city which has been embracing innovation and ideas for the future for the last decades became a place where approximately every 20 minutes a new tech company is being founded. In such an inspiring and competitive environment we have been crafting our own unique path in the tech world, sharing inspiration, ideas, and success with our customers.

Novi Sad

As the biggest information technology city in Serbia, Novi Sad is a perfect place for a crew full of tech lovers. Novi Sad is known as a university city and not only that – it eagerly accepts people no matter where they are coming from – another city or country.

Our office crew is made of individuals who are performing as a team of programming enthusiasts that are creating a perfect kind of software. Not only that – sharing knowledge with people with the same passion is also a part of the ProductDock crew. We are also known in the community by the Coding Serbia conference and Coding Serbia meetup group.

ProductDock office in Novi Sad, Serbia
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Banja Luka

The inspiring environment of Banja Luka and the fact that the city has been one of the most significant university centers in the country, has led to becoming the synonym for real tech-city in the region.

Diligent, hardworking & talented individuals who are committed to fast delivery and high-quality standards made the Banja Luka office well known in the country & abroad. Contributing to the community as an organizer of the Coding Bosnia Meetup Group.

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One of the oldest cities in the country became an oasis for IT professionals & enthusiasts engaged in software craftsmanship & principles of software development. Doboj crew is dedicated to delivering elegant and highly functional IT solutions, strengthening the community in the city and the region as an organizer of Coding Bosnia Meetup Group.

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Lisbon is becoming one of the biggest tech centers in Europe, with lots of innovative experts in one place. The coastal scenery of the city and the lively, heartwarming people make it perfect for achieving a healthy work-life balance. Apart from being the home to many of Europe’s developers, Lisbon is also a University city, which carries a specific type of energy – one of learning and improving, which is precisely the type of energy ProductDock embodies. It is also famous for its meetups, which further supports the idea of Lisbon being the perfect IT city, and consequently the best choice for our PD office number five. Our Lisbon crew is an amazing group of experienced professionals committed to building unique products and turn-key solutions.

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