Navigating the Product Roadmap jungle

March 29th 2022
Mar 29th 2022


Roadmaps enable the product teams to plot the course for the upcoming releases, create transparency for teams, and emphasize product vision and purpose to all stakeholders involved.

When we talk about roadmaps evolving, we think about each of these as mental and work models. It means that you are thinking about things in a certain way, and doing things in a manner. 

Roadmaps have their origins in project management, and helps us answer a few important questions while developing products that need to deliver true value:

WHO – is doing WHAT

WHEN it’s going to be done and
What is the current state – what is PROGRESS?

What is the evolution of roadmaps from 1.0 to 3.0 and what does this mean to you and your product team?

Igor Rajnjak, Agile coach at ProductDock was a guest on the last ProductBeats show, where he talked about the evolution of roadmaps and Roadmaps 3.0 that can enhance productivity, save time and bring clarity to your product teams faster than ever.

Additionally, you will learn more about what’s considered to be agile and what’s not in the evolution of roadmaps, and how each of those phases of modernization of roadmaps brought a different type of value for the product managers, product teams, and practitioners.

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