Two people – One mind: UX & Product Owner – Collaboration that strives for excellence

December 9th 2021
Dec 9th 2021
Courtyard by Marriott Banja Luka, Prvog Krajiskog Korpusa 33, Banja Luka, Serb Republic, BA

How does the cooperation between a Product Owner and UX Designer contribute to the quality and excellence in the digital solutions development process? How do these roles intertwine and how does it affect the teamwork dynamic and the quality of the delivered product? Which tools and methods are adequate in collaboration, and how vital is the absence of one of these roles when it comes to the outcome of the project?

These are some of the questions that will be answered by Jovana Romčević Šukalo, UX designer, and Anja Šolak, Product Owner, with several years of experience on projects regarding the development of software products.

Registration for the event is obligatory, and the number of participants is limited.

You can apply at the following link:

Compliance with the epidemic measures in the Serb Republic is mandatory.

We’ll see you on 9 December, at Hotel Marriott in Banja Luka.