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E-world Energy & Water 2024 unveils transformative trends in the European energy landscape

by ProductDock

Essen, Germany [February 20—22, 2024]

The E-world Energy & Water trade fair, an annual gathering of key players from the European energy industry, once again proved to be a central hub for industry insights and innovations. Held in Essen, Germany, this fair attracted international decision-makers, with over one-fifth of exhibiting companies based abroad, predominantly from European Union nations.

E-world Energy & Water 2024 offered a comprehensive overview of the swiftly evolving European energy industry. The fair’s emphasis on innovation, sustainability, and adaptability highlighted the sector’s commitment to embracing change and integrating cutting-edge technologies. Dieter Dirkes , our Sales Director, visited the fair, and here are some snapshots from his side.

E-World Essen event
E-World Energy & Water 2024,

Dynamic market changes

The E-world Essen leading trade fair’s overarching theme centered around acknowledging substantial changes within the energy market. It showcased the dynamism inherent in various facets of the industry.

Technology trends

Noteworthy trends included the prevalence of smart metering, intelligent consumption control, and AI-based consumption prediction and control. Which showcases a commitment to leveraging technology for enhanced efficiency and sustainability.

At the E-world leading trade fair, companies presented a number of solutions. These included applications designed for the upcoming mandatory dynamic electricity tariffs starting in 2025. In addition, they highlighted the use of artificial intelligence in improving interaction with consumers in the domain of energy suppliers.

AI-based consumption forecasting and control uses artificial intelligence to analyze past energy usage data and accurately predict future consumption patterns. It then adjusts energy consumption in real time or through automated scheduling. This optimization aims to enhance efficiency and reduce costs, empowering consumers to make informed decisions and lessen environmental impact.

Continuous billing innovation

Pursuing continuous billing emerged as a shared aspiration within the industry. This underscores the need for seamless financial processes and operational efficiency.

Emerging technologies

Hydrogen, heat pumps, and wind parks gained prominence, reflecting the industry’s commitment to diversifying energy sources and embracing sustainable alternatives

Nuclear phase-out in Germany

A significant focal point was Germany’s decision to decommission all nuclear power plants, signaling a strategic shift in the nation’s energy policy and paving the way for alternative energy solutions.

Photovoltaic advancements

Photovoltaic advancements, including pushing energy into the grids during summer, showcased a marked contrast to energy transitions of a decade ago, emphasizing the industry’s evolution.

Intelligent buildings

The emphasis on “intelligent” buildings underscored a growing trend toward integrating technology into infrastructure for enhanced energy efficiency.

Market saturation in core areas

Core markets, such as customer CMS, were deemed saturated, prompting a call for innovation and exploration of new opportunities to sustain growth.

Role of smaller companies

The active involvement of numerous smaller companies, particularly in intelligent metering, grid management, and energy storage, highlighted the vibrant contribution of niche players to industry innovation.

A notable trend emerges with smaller companies venturing into energy technology, particularly in smart metering, grid management, and energy storage solutions. 

Their presence fosters a more efficient, resilient, and sustainable energy infrastructure and empowers consumers with increased choice and flexibility in managing energy consumption and costs.


In summary, E-world Energy & Water 2024 served as a catalyst for unveiling transformative trends and fostering collaboration in the dynamic and rapidly evolving European energy landscape.

Generally speaking, the energy landscape has undergone a significant shift in the past decade, reflecting changes in technology and strategy.

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E-World Essen event
E-World Energy & Water 2024,

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