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ProductDock AG’s initiative to empower the next generation of IT leaders

by ProductDock

ProductDock AG started an initiative to empower the next generation of IT professionals. This initiative entails a series of workshops and open days designed to enhance the knowledge and potential of students in the Information Technology (IT) section of “Jovan Dučić” grammar school in Doboj.

More than fifteen years of expertise

Our engineering hub in Doboj is the largest employer in the IT sector in this city, where we have operated for more than 15 years. Recognizing the critical role of IT education in shaping the future workforce and driving technological innovation, we are committed to fostering a collaborative learning environment that nurtures talent and inspires young minds to excel in the field of information technology.

ProductDock AG's initiative to empower the next generation of IT leaders

Workshops held by professionals

Students will have the opportunity to delve into various IT topics through a series of interactive workshops. Professionals from ProductDock will share their expertise and insights to help students gain practical skills and industry-relevant knowledge.

Open days at ProductDock

In addition to workshops, we will host open days, which will provide students with a glimpse into the projects’ daily challenges and cutting-edge technologies in the IT industry. During these open days, students can interact with professionals, tour the company’s facilities, and participate in hands-on activities to further enrich their learning experience.

Empower the next generation of IT leaders

By fostering collaboration between ProductDock and “Jovan Dučić” grammar school in Doboj, this corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiative aims to bridge the gap between high school education and industry, equipping students with the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in today’s digital age. Through meaningful engagement and mentorship, we are ready to empower the next generation of IT leaders and drive positive change in the community.

“We are excited to launch this initiative and support the development of IT education in our local community,” said Miroslav Ožegović, Unit Lead at ProductDock. “By investing in the future of young talent, we hope to inspire a passion for technology and create opportunities for students to thrive in the IT industry.”

Making a social impact is our core value

ProductDock looks forward to making a meaningful impact through this CSR initiative and remains committed to driving sustainable development and social progress in the communities where we operate. building trust, and contributing to a more sustainable and responsible future.

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