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Rookie Boot Camp interns developed the Library app

by ProductDock

Remember our Rookie Boot Camp? Our main goal for the internship was to provide interns with end-to-end experience of working on a real client-requested project. So they sat together with their mentor, planned, and designed our internal library app from scratch. They worked diligently at it for months and paid attention to every detail, and the crew launched their product a couple of weeks ago.

We had a little launch party where the team demonstrated how to use the app, explained their thought process, and got first-hand feedback. Spoiler alert: everyone loved it! To make it official, their UL cut the blue ribbon and the library was ready for our crew to explore!

One of the main differences we implemented, aside from having an organized database of books and an app that is easy to use, is that the library is now in a spot that everyone can easily access. The books are now set up in our lounge area which has proven to be highly beneficial for everyone.

The library functions in a very simple and efficient way:

  • Crew members can browse and scan the QR code from the back of the books on the shelves while waiting for their coffee.
  • By scanning it, they can see whether the book is reserved, how many copies we have, reviews from our colleagues, and more!
  • Books can be reserved with a click of a button if available and taken home. The notification system will alert when it’s time for a return.

It’s safe to say that we are using our library much more now. We are so proud of our crew for doing a great job and creating something useful for everyone at PD!

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