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Year-end conference highlights

by ProductDock

Our crew has turned December’s final week into an annual celebration of knowledge and unity. Banja Luka and Doboj teams gathered for a day of diverse talks at the Year-end conference.

These discussions ranged from deep dives into software development methodologies like React Development to insightful explorations of financial matters. The engaging presentations covered various aspects, showcasing the team’s wide-ranging knowledge and expertise. This tradition serves as a unifying force for ProductDock, promoting continuous learning and personal growth.

About conference

ProductDock’s Year-end Conference is a special tradition that brings our team together for learning, sharing knowledge, and personal growth. The conference features engaging talks covering different topics, highlighting our team’s diverse knowledge and expertise. It’s a platform for exchanging insights, contributing to the overall development and unity of the ProductDock team.

Amplify Studio: Insights from our product designer

Jovana Romčević Šukalo, our product designer, shared her firsthand experience using Amplify Studio, discussing its strengths and limitations in a real-world context.

React: A journey through functional and class-based approaches

Following, Ernad Delić, our software developer, took the spotlight, diving into the essential distinctions between the functional and class-based approaches in React.

Trunk-based development

During the third presentation, Nikola Malinović, our backend Java developer, stirred the waters by delving into trunk-based development—a departure from the conventional Git flow.

Money investment

In the subsequent presentation, we shifted gears from programming as Aleksandar Popadić, our talent acquisition specialist, provided valuable insights on investing money in Bosnia, highlighting key considerations.

Trust and safety

Next to present was Dragan Jović, a software developer, who explained what it looks like to be on the team accountable for fraud prevention on a trading platform.

New Spring authorization server solution

Bojan Ćorić, a software developer, took the stage for the sixth talk. During his presentation, Bojan explored the functionalities of a relatively new authorization server from the Spring ecosystem, offering a potential solution tailored to your requirements.

Trends in frontend development and server components introduction

Finally, Nemanja Vasić, our full-stack software developer, delved into the current trends in frontend development following the introduction of server components.

Knowledge-sharing as a part of ProductDock culture

The main person behind the event and who made it all possible was our unit lead, Bruno Raljić. Once again, we proved that knowledge-sharing talks are deeply ingrained in our PD culture. We firmly believe that success is derived from the invaluable lessons we learn, empowering us to evolve and grow constantly. Our continuous learning and knowledge-sharing culture is deeply rooted in our values and is integral to our operations.

Next steps

We believe that our success hinges on continual learning, empowering us to adapt and thrive. As we progress, stay tuned for detailed insights in our blog section, where we’ll delve into these topics.

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