We build business solutions using a product-over-project
delivery model and measure this via Product Assessment.

ProductDock approach and process graph ProductDock approach and process graph ProductDock approach and process graph

How do we work with you?

We start with the Problem to understand what we need to solve via a digital product. For us, a problem is a business opportunity that we can own and solve.

Once the problem is understood, we will use different artifacts to define the business solution. Those can be the User Journey, a mapping of the user’s experiences and actions needed to solve the problem. A proposal of Tech Capabilities, meaning the Tech Stack, SaaS, tools, or other providers needed to build a solution. And, of course, we will use your KPIs to be able to measure how the solution contributes to your business goals.

We cannot know the perfect solution in the beginning. Therefore we use different mechanisms to validate the business solution we consider to create value.

There are tons of technical frameworks, services, and tools available. With a Proof of Technology, we validate if our technology concept is viable. To evaluate if a technical architecture will be feasible, we build a Walking Skeleton, mashing up all necessary tech capabilities that have been validated in the proof of technology.

We won’t build a full-fledged version with a complete feature set, but instead, we will build an MVP with a minimal feature set and bring it to the market to get real user feedback.

We do Interviews or User Tests to validate if the MVP is indeed viable and desirable.
The more mature a solution gets, the more supporting tasks we need in order to improve the solution and the team that is building that solution. We can take care of the Operations or support an internal team that operates the technical environment.

Our Coaches will speed up the teams, ensure new colleagues’ proper onboarding and support the team to stay focused. They will also help build an outcome-driven Roadmap that reflects business expectations and gives the team the freedom to decide on the next desirable solutions.

As soon as enough users are onboarded, our team will introduce A/B Testing mechanisms to validate feature ideas with relevant test groups.

And the more we learn, the more we know, which is why we do Research on user satisfaction, upcoming market opportunities, competition, new tech trends, and strategies – all considered essential to win the digital championship.

Product Assessment is our review model whose purpose is to give your organization feedback on its progress.

At ProductDock, we believe that the classical project-delivery approach with a predefined scope (time, budget, features) cannot be state-of-the-art in modern digital product development companies.

The risk of building a solution with the wrong features, for the wrong target audience, and with the wrong technology grows with the number of markets, services, and technologies out there. Therefore it is essential to learn in very short cycles what your target audience needs and is willing to buy. The product-mode approach focuses on actual user needs instead of internal requirement lists. We figure out how to achieve goals for the business by creating or optimizing products, all with a view toward solving actual customer problems. We no longer care about the number of features we shipped but about the amount of value the shipped features created.

How to get started

ProductDock cooperation timeline

Business problem description

We start with a good understanding of the business problem. What problem do we need to solve, what KPIs are expected, and what’s the budget? These questions will be evaluated during individual workshops with reusable deliverables.

– done within days

Validation of potential solutions

Considering the user journey and the jobs to be done, we figure out various potential solutions for the problem. We validate them by talking to actual customers. And together with you, we define how we measure progress toward your desired KPIs.

– done within weeks

Roadmap and budget proposal

We will decide what technical capabilities we need to build, buy, and/or mix and adapt existing technical solutions, custom software, or SaaS. Having those decisions at hand, we can define a potential outcome-oriented roadmap and potential budget.

 – done within days

Start building

Micromanagement not needed: You’ve told us the problem, not the features. And you stay in control by working with metrics that will be followed in parallel to software delivery.

– done within months

Keeping you in control

Our consultants will deliver reports on how your money is spent and suggestions to become more efficient and effective.

Measure metrics

Knowing the overall KPIs, our consultants will derive metrics from measuring the performance of the chosen solution and from keeping track of the progress toward the goal. Thus it is possible to see early if the chosen tactics will lead to desired results.

GAP report & improvement suggestions

Those metrics will be made transparent to you as a client. You will have daily access and regular check-in meetings. These reports and improvements suggestions provide the option to intervene at any stage and discuss and decide on improvement opportunities that our consultants and teams will bring to the table.

Improvements & delivery

The team will implement improvements with the support of your consultants to ensure an efficient, diligent, and effective delivery flow.

What our customers say

Achieving targeted results with professionalism and focus

“The development team has built up broad know-how within a very short time, which enables it to communicate with the business as equals. Prioritization of topics and a strong focus on value-adding software development practices make it possible to deliver very goal-oriented results. We look forward to further project development with ProductDock to operate it in Change and Run mode.”

Dominik Büsing

Project Lead BAT, Participation Controlling BBAC / China - FMC/PT, Daimler AG

A team that is always in step with new technologies

“ProductDock has been a reliable partner for over 10 years and a distributed team from Bosnia-Herzegovina in particular for more than half of that time. Their staff has a high level of will for learning about new technologies to always keep up to date with the latest developments in the tech world.”

Florian Nellesen

Head of Sales Controlling, Direct Scouts

A skilled and creative team

“It was a great pleasure to work with the skilled, creative, and solution-oriented engineers of ProductDock. The process was very agile and transparent and the communication was excellent. I hope I will work with you again!”

Nick Wüsthoff

Founder of Between The Lines e. V.

Our hard work just got easier

“The team delivered a product that supported the daily work of our shift leaders and makes the hard work on shop floors every day a little bit easier.”

Thomas Tuschter

Production Engineer Cold Heading, KAMAX GmbH & Co. KG